What are the different types of TV mount?

What TV mount do I need?What are the different types of TV mount

The slimline design of a flat screen TV make it the ideal candidate for wall mounting in your home, making good use of the space available in any room and gives a sleek and clean look. We try to answer the question what are the different types of TV mount?

For most TVs you will need to buy a mount separately, with a range to choose from and each serving a slightly different purpose, with many different types of TV mount how can you pick the wall mount that is right for you? This guide aims to help you choose.

Which type of TV mount is right for your home?


Complete flexibility, these mounts can also be known as articulating or cantilever. Your TV is mounted to an arm which will allow you to move the screen into many positions and offers a wide range of motion. The TV can be pushed flat to the wall when required but also pulled away and swiveled left or right, ideal for open plan homes where you may wish to change the view angle from the living room to the kitchen / dining room for example.


Similar to a fixed position mount except that a tilting mount allows the viewer to tilt the screen upwards or downwards, the position can be locked once you are happy with the position. This is ideal when the screen is mounted higher up and you wish to tilt it down for a better viewing angle when seated on the sofa.


The swivel TV mount is similar to a tilting mount but the motion it allows for is different, you can move the screen horizontally, left and right. Unlike a full motion mount you cannot pull the TV away from the wall so the viewing angle is reduced.


As the name suggests this type of mount means the TV sits flat to the wall. It cannot move and adjusting it can be difficult once mounted. There is no tilting or swivel ability.


If there are no walls that are suitable for mounting a TV another option is a ceiling TV mount. A bracket that is fixed to the ceiling and hangs down that your TV attaches to, this concept of bracket is also commonly used to mount projectors to the ceiling


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